Their gang colors are gorgeous, but peacocks in Coconut Grove have to be corralled | Editorial

The peacocks must be stopped. That’s the sentiment of a north Coconut Grove resident who spoke at Thursday’s Miami City Commission meeting.

“You’ve heard of gangs in Miami? Well, we are being taken over by gangs of peacocks,” said the woman who’s lived in the Grove for 30 years and has never seen such an aggressive bunch of fancy fowl.

The peacocks travel in packs, scratch cars, cover the sidewalks with poop and, generally, act like they own the place.

The resident is asking the city to control the peacock population. She’s not the first to complain to the city, merely the latest. Grove residents have been griping for years about peacocks, but little seems to happen.

“I don’t want to get rid of all of them, but the city has to do something to control the population,” she said. One hurdle is that Miami, as per city code, is a bird sanctuary. It is against the law “for any person to shoot, trap or in any manner kill or destroy birds within the city.”

The resident’s complaint got some giggles from the dais and the audience and a comment from Commissioner Keon Hardeman, who said: “You know, in Miami you have two choices: chickens or peacocks.

We think there’s a third choice: Help these people with a humane solution to their peacock gang war.