Jane Fonda got arrested, and we’re sort of impressed | Editorial

In Miami, among older Cuban exiles, actress Jane Fonda is a pariah — considered a supporter of communism, socialism and, generally, liberal causes. Her few local visits in the past decades have often been peppered with demonstrations.

All across the country, many Vietnam vets still harbor resentment for Fonda over her support of communist North Vietnam and a famous 1972 picture of her in front of anti-aircraft gun that would be used against American troops. It won her the nickname “Hanoi Jane” and a lot of ill will. And she deserved it. She has apologized many times for her insensitivity.

Still, to see her on Friday, at 81 ,arrested handcuffed behind her back and led away from the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building where she was leading a demonstration with dozens of climate change activists is, in a word, impressive.

And she is fresh from hip-replacement surgery, to boot.

Fonda revealed that she has moved to Washington, D.C. to bring attention to climate change and will demonstrate at the Capitol every Friday through January. Fonda said she has launched “Fire Drill Fridays,” a civil disobedience campaign, demanding urgent action to battle climate change. That’s commitment, and to a crucial cause that we can get behind.

It’s evident that her life-long activism — in defense of the Black Panthers, American Indians and working mothers — were never for show. And she’s definitely not spending her time snoozing by a golden pond somewhere . . .