Hurricane Dorian’s victims in the Bahamas don’t need your smelly old tennis shoes. Donate these instead | Editorial

This is not the time to go all Marie Kondo, thanking those scuffed-up high heels and broken tennis rackets for the joy they’ve sparked, then donating them to the Bahamas recovery effort.

Don’t laugh. It’s happened before after other natural disasters.

Most immediately, Bahamians still stunned at the level of destruction left in Hurricane Dorian’s wake have very specific and urgent needs, listed below, outlined by their government. No matter how well-intentioned, South Floridians should resist the urge to use the disaster in the Bahamas to clean out their closets.

And the United Way of Miami-Dade and the Miami Herald/el Nuevo Herald are partners in Operation Helping Hands. Call 1-800-226-3320 to make a monetary donation.

What to give

Miami-Dade County is accepting donations of critical items and supplies at several locations in order to assist with Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts in the Bahamas. Donations should be limited to these items that have been requested by the government of the Bahamas:

- Tents

- Adult-size cots

- Hygiene kits (diapers, baby wipes, sanitary napkins, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, baby formula)

- Potable/purified water

- Non-perishable foods

- Water containers

- First-aid items (sterile bandages, gauze, tape)

- Portable generators (15-25 kw)

- Chainsaws

- Plastic tarpaulin

- Debris-removal tools (shovels, rakes, axes, wheelbarrows)

- Portable single- and double-burner stoves

- Portable outdoor lamps and lights

- Water purification kits

- Flashlights

- Blankets

- DEET-free insect repellent

- Portable radios

- Batteries

- Portable potties

- Cleaning supplies and disinfectants (bleach, brooms, mops, household cleaning products, garbage bags