Hurricane Dorian likely to make Labor Day weekend in South Florida an icky one | Editorial

So it begins.

As of the 2 p.m. Wednesday weather advisory, Hurricane Dorian graduated from bad weather to a Category 1 hurricane. Rats!

Dorian is now the closest hurricane to threaten us since Irma in 2017. A shock to our comfortable complacency.

And a bummer.

South Florida’s Labor Day Weekend, about which we are salivating at just the thought of a three-day weekend to travel or stay home or barbecue or shop, seems officially ruined.

Reality bites back, and the psychological stress for South Floridians of living “within the cone of uncertainty” begins.

We — and the rest of Florida’s east coat — are on edge. Unless Dorian fizzles out as it passes over Caribbean islands, where we hope lives and property will stay safe, we’ll be on hurricane alert for the next few days.

Our smart phones, televisions and radios will be inundated with news, alerts and notifications about Dorian’s every move.

Until this week, the most famous Dorian was Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray, who had a creepy picture of himself hidden away. (Here, we’ve Googled it so you don’t have to.)

South Floridians have done it before. We know how it goes until land fall. Gas, generators, batteries, water, bread. Meteorologists and local government officials, newspapers and television stations are now our constant companions and life lines.

We should know the drill by now. Be prepared, and hope for the best.