Is Dolphins coach Brian Flores insensitive to the black experience or does he just really like Jay-Z? | Editorial

Brian Flores doesn’t seem to get it. Doesn’t seem to get that, on the football field, he’s the Big Guy. As coach of Miami Dolphins, what he says goes.

But once he gets in the car, walks down the street, strolls into the boutique, he might be seen as just another black man — to be unreasonably feared, to be vilified without cause, to be arrested just for being.

Yet he seemingly dismisses Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills’ public lament about team owner Stephen Ross’ support of President Trump, who over and over, has held a lit match to this nation’s racial tinder box.

Flores loaded up the team’s practice playlist with songs by Jay-Z. The gazillionaire rapper and business mogul just signed a deal to manage the NFL’s entertainment program, including at the Super Bowl. His social — justice bona fides aside, Jay-Z’s critics say his deal undercuts former player Colin Kaepernick’s legitimate attempts, on the field and off, to protest police brutality against African Americans and for which he has been ostracized from the League.

Flores move looked like a smirking taunt, giving the back of his hand to a real-life American plague.

Stills has a right to protest. He has a right, too, to leave the team if he’s that upset.

And as coach, Flores has every right to pick the music that suits his mood.

He also has a right to appear clueless.