Politifact truth?

This comment is regarding an article published by in the Miami Hearald by Politifact Florida.

It rated a comment by U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz regarding guns as “Mostly True.”

I think it is important to keep all of the pertinent facts in perspective, so I am going to ask you to look again at the story.

Go to the very end, and you have a disclaimer. But, you do not seem to note that the entire article should be disclaimed, and the rating changed.

First, this is based on a Huffington Post article about a poll. It clearly stated that polls only address the feelings of the respondents.

Most people do not answer polls, and if they do, it is because they have a vested interest.

To say 40 percent of people know somebody who died from “gun violence” is disingenuous in the first place.

The gun did not have a mind of its own, and a human made the killing, not the gun. Also, the news article is published in a less than a respected journal.

Perhaps it is the nature of its choice of articles that pulls them down, but they are only a step above the National Enquirer and reporting matter is dubious.

Secondly, they may be right about one point, but are misleading. Homicides committed by guns are not the same as suicides.

And, then there is the liberal mantra of the political party of Ms. Wasserman-Schultz.

They want to disarm America and take every opportunity to attack our rights.

She is the head of the party.

Take what she says with a grain of salt. She attacks Republicans who she accuses of trying to bring back Jim Crow laws while forgetting it was her party who wrote those laws.

Leonard Feinman,