Trump’s appeal

Donald Trump can be as outrageous as he wants, yet the heavens seem to reward him with poll numbers that are stunningly stellar, if incomprehensible to some.

As a former journalist and long time observer of the political pulse of the country, I believe we are seeing the last-gasp grasp of the once-upon-a-time America — the white, English-speaking, blue collar middle class, immigrant-assimilating peoples — for the insular world they once knew and loved and felt comfortable in.

Donald Trump makes them feel like they still have a chance to live in the America of their choice. But they don't.

No matter how many rallies they attend, how loud they shout, how big the buttons they wear, that America is changing even faster than they fear and they will either get on board with the evolving demographics or be left behind with their single language skills, their limited knowledge of second and third cultures, their ignorance even of world geography.

One can argue the good or bad of societal changes firmly entrenched or on the way, but it would solely be an academic exercise in an already changed America, much like analyzing the causes or cures of any past event. It remains to be seen how many there are of the once-upon-a-timers who haven't made their voices heard yet to be able to gauge the destiny of Donald Trump, or someone like him.

What’s clear, however, is the destiny of America: multicultural and likely multi-lingual.

Susan Russell,

Coconut Grove