The debt and Rubio

The Republican Party candidates have made deficit spending and the national debt a major issue in the presidential campaign.

The U.S. debt is certainly of concern and needs to be addressed, but we should place the debt in perspective. An article in Forbes states the debt amounts to $154,161 per taxpayer. This is in the range of a typical mortgage burden that many people carry.

Indeed, some people carry greater debt burdens, most notably Sen. Marco Rubio. The Nov. 11 article, New questions raised about Marco Rubio’s GOP credit card expenses, states that in 2008 when Rubio left Tallahassee he had $900,000 in debt, including two mortgages, a home-equity loan and a student loan.

Thus Rubio’s debt burden was six times that of the national debt.

Nonetheless, Rubio’s debt while large is manageable when viewed in light of his earning potential. The same can be said of the U.S. national debt.

Joseph M. Prospero,