Taxis vs. Uber

I recently had two friends visit from out of the country. Each hired a taxi at the airport.

The first friend’s taxi had a credit-card machine that didn’t work. Fortunately, we were home to lend him money.

The second friend’s taxi driver had no idea how to find our address in Coral Gables. The taxi didn’t have a GPS, and the driver claimed he didn’t have a map app on his cell phone. She had to turn on her cell phone and incur international roaming charges to use her map app.

Compare this to experiences with Uber: Every car is equipped with a map app; there’s no need for cash; and no problems with credit card machines not working. If the taxis were as clean, well-equipped and efficient as Uber, there wouldn’t be a gap to fill.

For years the people of Miami-Dade have expressed dissatisfaction with the taxi industry, but the taxi medallion owners didn’t listen; they thought their monopoly was safe. The free market has spoken, and fortunately Mayor Gimenez is listening.

Christi Sherouse,

Coral Gables