Gables’ charms

I was interested to read the letter from Wayne Eldred, the owner of Tarpon Bend, and his suggestions for keeping Coral Gables “classy.”

My wife and I moved to Coral Gables 30 years ago, attracted by its big-city/small-town charms.

We are traditionalists in the sense of wanting to preserve the charms that first drew us here, but we also welcome the change and improvements of recent years.

We are delighted with the Streetscape project for the downtown district; we support the Underline project along U.S. 1; we admire thoughtful modern architecture like the Alhambra Towers; and we welcomed the creative transformation of the old police and fire station into the culturally vibrant Coral Gables Museum.

While national chains such as Starbucks and Barnes & Noble are an inevitable part of modern life, the Gables and its residents have also nurtured the charming intimacy of family-owned businesses that make the city so vibrant.

And that’s the point. Coral Gables doesn’t need Eldred’s new reality.

Coral Gables is a vibrant place already, without the extra traffic, the millennials and the extra vacationers. If I wanted the contemporary attractions of Ocean Drive or CocoWalk, I would sell my house and move there. As it is, I prefer the charm of Coral Gables.

Patrick Alexander,

Coral Gables