Police shooting

Re the April 6 article “After officer shot man, chief says he was kept in dark:” As Charles Kinsey lay prone on the ground with his hands up in the air last August, he was shot and wounded by a North Miami police officer and we are treated to an explanation that there are hard feelings between the city manager and the chief of police involving another officer who may or may not be a witness to the shooting event.

Chief of Police Gary Eugene claims that the police have since received training to improve their skills in preserving a crime scene. What kind of an investigation is this?

The incident happened almost a year ago and the citizens of North Miami have never received any kind of a final report on the shooting of Charles Kinsey. What happened to the shooter, Officer Jonathan Aledda, who pulled the trigger? Did he get retraining as well? Mr. Kinsey deserves better than this.

Dorothy Raskin,

North Miami