Boulevard bikes

I left Miami-Dade several years ago and one reason was the unbearable traffic situation. Biscayne Boulevard was bumper-to-bumper all day, everyday.

Upon my return to the area I can’t believe there are now painted “official bike lanes” on the side of the road. Encouraging cyclists to ride on Biscayne only heightens the danger for those brave enough to ride a bike amidst daily road rage, running of lights and emergency vehicles. Traffic is sometimes even stopped on weekends creating even more unnecessary congestion. Where is the common sense?

I am all for bikers having somewhere to ride but they have no place on Biscayne Boulevard. I don’t even feel safe in my car so how does law enforcement and the county thinks this is beneficial to anyone? I guess someone will get killed and then maybe it will dawn on everyone this was never a good idea.

Jan Toussaint,