Florida man shoots himself — and doesn’t realize it for 2 days

A Florida man shot himself in the arm — and didn’t notice until two days later.

Michael Blevins, 37, of Deltona, told Volusia County police that he’d been cleaning a .22-caliber pistol in his living room when he felt a sharp pain and his back gave out, the Daytona Beach News Journal reported. Blevins fell face down into a glass coffee table, and the gun went off.

But Blevins didn’t immediately realize the bullet had pierced his arm, for a couple of reasons. Blevins told police he’d been distracted by a cut above his left eyebrow caused by the coffee table. Also, the pain medicine he takes for his old back injury may have caused him to be unaware of the damage to his arm. Lastly, he was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt at the time, which hid the bloodstains on his arm from view.

Two days later, when Blevins changed into a light brown shirt, he noticed the entrance and exit wounds on his arm, which was still slightly bleeding at that point, according to the News Journal.

Blevins checked himself in at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City, and police were called. A May 7 police report states “an investigation was conducted, and the shooting was deemed accidental. Case is closed.”