Who’s killing baby turtles? Florida woman stumbles across gruesome sight amid Dorian

A Florida woman stumbled upon a gruesome sight while taking a walk in Satellite Beach on Sunday.

A lifeless, blackened baby turtle. Then another, and another.

Charred wood was scattered about the reptiles’ sandy graves.

Rhonda Wundke, who encountered the dead reptiles as well as eggs during a stroll with her husband, took a few pictures of the macabre scene and tweeted them out in anguish.

“I want to report a crime,” read the post. “These baby turtles were found at High Tower Beach. ... They have been set on fire.. I’m saddened and very angry!”

Commenters on the post were duly appalled. One called the situation “terrible,” while another said that there were “sick people in this world.”

The Brevard County woman tagged the Melbourne Police Department and Florida Wildlife Federation in the tweet but reportedly has not heard back from either agency yet.

She is still working to see justice done.

“I want this to be solved. Who burned the baby turtles?” Wundke complained.

Another commenter advised that she call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and she said that was her next step.

“I’m happy for the outreach,” Wundke wrote Wednesday morning. “As you can see I was texting out of shock. It was a nightmare in person to see. The storm surges I’m sure have placed these babies into the ocean to rest.”

The Miami Herald reached out to the FWC to see what if any action would be taken about the turtles but did not hear back.