‘First, I thought it was an alligator.’ High tide during Dorian brings surprising visitor

Corrine Hogan was hanging out at her Palm City home, near Stuart, on Tuesday, just watching and waiting for any Hurricane Dorian news.

Suddenly, the Miami native heard a large, splashing noise in her backyard, which sits near a nature preserve.

“First, I thought it was an alligator,” Hogan told the Miami Herald. “Then I looked out the window and saw it was a manatee. I was shocked.”

The clip she posted on her private Facebook page shows just the top of the sea cow, which is moving ever so slowly amid the grass.

“The tide is so high we actually have a manatee swimming in our backyard right now,” Hogan says off camera. “Wow, she’s a big girl!” (The gender is unclear.)

After the manatee happily munched for about a half an hour, it swam back toward the St. Lucie River.

“We just let her exist in her own little world,” the Martin County woman laughed. “I thought, ‘Good, you just mowed my grass.’ It was pretty cool.”