How to donate for Dorian: United Way, Miami Herald/el Nuevo Herald activate Operation Helping Hands

United Way of Miami-Dade and the Miami Herald/el Nuevo Herald have joined forces to activate Operation Helping Hands, an effort to support response, relief and recovery efforts in the region affected by Hurricane Dorian. The storm has hit the Bahamas and is heading toward the Florida coast.

The effort was announced by Maria C. Alonso, president and CEO of United Way of Miami-Dade.

To make a donation you can:


Call 305-643-2501, or 211

Send a check payable to Operation Helping Hands, c/o United Way of Miami-Dade, P.O. Box #459007, Miami, Florida 33245-9007

One hundred percent of funds raised through Operation Helping Hands will go directly to help people affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and other affected areas.

United Way of Miami-Dade will work with United Ways and other nonprofits to support both immediate and long-term recovery needs.

Operation Helping Hands is a partnership between United Way of Miami-Dade, the Miami Herald/el Nuevo Herald and JCS Helpline Services. It was created in 1998 in the aftermath of hurricanes Mitch and Georges to provide the people of South Florida a way to extend a helping hand. Since then, it has been reactivated numerous times in response to disasters and other emergency situations.