‘People freak out when they see him:’ Jim Cantore heads to Florida Panhandle for storm

Jim Cantore
Jim Cantore

As many seasoned hurricane survivors know: When Jim Cantore comes to your town, it’s probably not a good sign.

When The Weather Channel star headed down to South Florida last year before Hurricane Irma, we knew things were about to get real, real fast.

Cantore has yet to advise us at the Miami Herald of his travel plans, but he’s been spotted in the Panhandle, which is currently bracing for Hurricane Michael. The storm is predicted to make landfall Wednesday along the Florida Panhandle.

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The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office definitely doesn’t want Cantore around, so wrote up a fake trespass warning for the 54-year-old storm tracker on its Facebook page.

The TV meteorologist is seen on what appears to be wanted posters.

“Everyone know what’s in store when Jim Cantore shows up. So we issued a little notice,” jokes the post from the office based in Milton, in the northwest part of the state. On Monday, Cantore was reported to be headed to Apalachicola, which is in Franklin County, next door to Santa Rosa County.

The SRCO’s public information officer Sgt. Rich Aloy said when he and his colleagues saw pictures of the celebrity going to their neck of the woods, they got duly concerned.

“We were like, ‘OK, we can’t have this. People freak out when they see him,’” Aloy said, laughing. “But now that we told him not to come, we should be fine.”

Cantore has covered major weather events over the past 25 years, including hurricanes Katrina, Irene and Superstorm Sandy, and Harvey.

The Weather Channel posted a funny video on YouTube of people panicking and running away whenever they see Cantore, even when the veteran weatherman is at the beach trying to enjoy a beach vacation.