Beryl flooded hundreds of homes, left 130,000 without power in the Dominican Republic

Hurricane Beryl is no more, but the storm's remnants flooded hundreds of homes in the Dominican Republic as the system crossed over Hispaniola Tuesday, and nearly 15,000 were still without power in Puerto Rico the day after the storm passed.

Forecasters predict the storm still doesn't have a good chance of forming back into a cyclone for the next few days, but that chance jumps from 20 to 50 percent by the end of the week, when the system is expected to hook north near the Bahamas.

In the San Cristóbal province of the Dominican Republic, 700 homes were flooded and the walls of two schools collapsed in the heavy rains and gusty winds, the province's Governor told Diario Libre. The floods left 900 people displaced, he said Tuesday morning, and left a police station flooded knee-deep with murky, brown water.

San Cristóbal and nearby provinces were on 'red alert' for the storm, according to the Emergency Operations Center of the Dominican Republic. As of Tuesday afternoon, Diario Libre reported that nearly 140,000 customers were without power.

The deputy to the National Congress, Ito Bisonó, tweeted pictures of his flooded street and puddles on the floor of a recently reopened hospital.

"A country with a supposedly growing economy can not have hospitals where it rains more inside than outside," he tweeted in Spanish.

Diario Libre reported that the Moscoso Puello hospital in Santo Domingo reopened three months ago. Videos from the news site show staffers working to mop up the rain from the leaky hospital roof, which soaked X-ray rooms and hallways.

In Puerto Rico, where the worst of the storm has passed, the National Weather Service predicts a few isolated thunderstorms for the rest of the day.

The island's utility company, Autoridad de Energia Electrica, tweeted that more than 14,000 customers were still without power Tuesday afternoon.