Weather News

After a rainy weekend, South Florida is in for more thunderstorms this week

Bring your umbrella with you this week.

Miami’s wet weekend is forecast to bleed into the work week, with chances of thunderstorms remaining high until at least Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

It’ll be hot and humid, too. Forecasters predict a week with highs around 90 degrees Fahrenheit and lows in the high 70s.

After a weekend of heavy precipitation from a now-dissipated tropical wave, all that extra rain could lead to some minor flooding in low-lying areas, but the extra-high King Tide is predicted to be over by the start of the week.

Storms on Saturday and Sunday — combined with the higher tide — led to a flood advisories from northern Miami-Dade all the way to Palm Beach County.

As for the tropical wave in the Atlantic forecasters have been watching all week, as of Sunday evening forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said the storm had no chance of strengthening anytime soon. The Lesser Antilles are predicted to get some rain the next few days as the wave passes.

Alex Harris covers climate change for the Miami Herald, including how South Florida communities are adapting to the warming world. She attended the University of Florida.