Weather News

Rain, rain, won’t go away in South Florida. At least until later in the week.

Puddle-jumping South Floridians soaked by rain for two days straight can expect a little relief from the deluges Tuesday and Wednesday. But only a little. More thunderstorms are in the forecast for the afternoons, promising to make a wet June even soggier.

Miami International Airport recorded 2.43 inches of rainfall on Sunday and another .6 inches by Monday evening while Fort Lauderdale International Airport recorded .59 inches on Sunday and an additional .88 by Monday at 7 p.m.

Another 1 to 2 inches could fall before the storm clouds clear on Thursday.

“We typically see daily afternoon thunderstorms during rainy season, but we’ve had conditions boosting our usual rain pattern,” said Arlena Moses, meteorologist at the National Weather Service. “Tropical moisture has been sitting on top of us, with upper level disturbances and fronts coming through regularly enough that we haven’t had time to dry off.”

The forecast calls for suffocating humidity and a 60 percent chance of rain Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, extending into night. Then the chance of rain tapers off to 20-30 percent Thursday through Monday.

“We’ll be drying out a little bit the next two days but we won’t be dry,” Moses said. “We will see less of the all-day rain and clouds and more limited to the afternoon timeframe.”

The six-month South Florida summer is off to a swampy start, with 9.5 inches of rainfall for June at MIA, which is 4.25 inches above normal at this point in the month, and 9.53 at FLL, 4 inches above normal.

But when skies turn from gray to blue on Thursday, it’s going to feel like you’re cooking in a thick stew. Temperatures will climb into the low 90s through the weekend.

“One advantage of the rainfall is that it’s kept temperatures a little lower than normal,” Moses said. “We will also be getting winds from the west-southwest which means the East coast heats up more.”

At least the tropics are quiet, 18 days into hurricane season.

Moses advised everyone to avoid standing water and take heat safety measures, such as drinking plenty of water and keeping an eye on people and pets with heat health issues.