You’re in the middle of road rage. Here’s what not to do

With road rage running rampant in South Florida, the obvious question becomes, “What can you do?”

What if a car is following you? Or if someone cuts you off intentionally? Do you call police? Pull over?

“If someone cuts you off, let it be,” said Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Yosdany Veloz. “If you notice the person continues to drive erratically, call police.”

Here are some tips from law enforcement and safety authorities on how to handle dangerous drivers.

▪ Whether it’s your fault or not, never react or retaliate.

▪ Avoid eye contact and continue driving safely and according to traffic laws.

▪ Be aware of your surroundings, take note of the vehicle’s tag number and identifying details.

▪ Think twice before you honk the horn.

▪ Never pull over or get out of your car.

▪ If the problem worsens, call 911.

▪ Stay on the phone with the 911 operator and follow the instructions until they make contact with an officer.

Think you are an aggressive driver? Psychologists suggest universal stress relief methods to remember next time you get behind the wheel. Take deep breaths, put the situation in perspective and keep your safety and the safety of others in mind. Take The American Safety Council quiz to gauge whether you are susceptible to road rage. Some questions include the following:

▪ Do you speed or try to beat red lights to get ahead of other cars?

▪ Do you tailgate or flash your headlights when you think a driver is going too slow?

▪ Do you switch lanes or make turns without using a turn signal?

▪ Do you fail to check your blind spot to make sure you aren’t cutting someone off?

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