Punished for chewing Air Jordans, dog left outside to die

What sounds like part of a sneaker joke — Puma dead after munching Air Jordans — actually got a Boynton Beach man arrested on animal cruelty charges this week.

Marquan Parks, 22, was arrested Wednesday in the September death of Puma, a roommate’s pitbull. He’s out on $3,000 bond.

Puma was one of two dogs owned by one of Parks’ roommates, Donovyn Gousse, according to a Channel 10 report. Gousse, who was traveling to Miami, put his dogs in the care of a third roommate.

Parks told police Puma often chewed things left unattended around the house and defecated in the house. When Puma did his business inside after munching on Parks’ Nike Air Jordans, Parks told police, he punched Puma in the face three times and put both dogs in the backyard.

When he returned, Parks told police, Puma had gotten out of the yard. So, Parks tied Puma to a doorknob with a leash and a choke chain. He later told police he didn’t give the dog water.

The post-death examination determined Puma probably died of strangulation and heatstroke.

David J. Neal: 305-376-3559, @DavidJNeal