Someone may have broken into Orlando shooter's condo

The condo of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen may have been burglarized, Fort Pierce police said.

Officers responded to a call reporting that the backdoor of Mateen’s condo was ajar late Monday morning. The call came after the FBI had completed a search and allowed media and the public into the two-story condo complex.

Fort Pierce police Sgt. David Cuti said it wasn’t clear if anything was missing. An investigation is underway.

On social media, users shared what appeared to be photos of the condo’s interior.

“We can’t say if that happened or not,” Cuti said.

Police had no information on suspects as of Monday evening.

An officer is now stationed in the complex’s parking lot.

Mateen lived in the condo with his wife and young son before a deadly shooting spree at an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning that left 49 dead and 53 wounded.

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