Man cited after alligator foot found in truck dashboard

An alligator foot in the dashboard gave away a hunter’s illegal doings to a pair of FWC officers.
An alligator foot in the dashboard gave away a hunter’s illegal doings to a pair of FWC officers. Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

Alligators in the pool, alligators in the house, alligators maybe all over shuffleboard courts... mundane stuff in funky Florida.

But an alligator in the dashboard? That got the attention of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers Luis Merizio and Casey Schroer when they stopped a truck recently in Loxahatchee’s Corbett Wildlife Management Area to check for the driver’s day pass.

According to FWC’s Facebook page, the officers noticed alligator parts strewn around the truck cab. Easily most prominent among those was an alligator foot sticking out of the dashboard.

Driver Raymond Fettig tried to say the parts came from an alligator he’d long ago run through the chop shop. Smell tells, though, and the officers said they could sniff the recent alligator kill. Officer Merizio looked in the bed of the truck to find an alligator foot that “was whole and appeared to have meat inside of it,” according to his report.

This prompted Fettig to admit the alligator parts came from an inhabitant of a water body in the WMA’s Camp I. Fettig told Officer Merizio he met a young man who wanted to shoot the alligator. After the young man did so, Fettig said, the two hacked up the alligator.

Officers hit Fettig with a second degree misdemeanor citiation.

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