How a Florida candidate won the mayor’s race with luck of the draw

William Shearon draws the ace of clubs to win the tied Bradenton Beach mayor's election. At left is Supervisor of Elections Mike Bennett.
William Shearon draws the ace of clubs to win the tied Bradenton Beach mayor's election. At left is Supervisor of Elections Mike Bennett. Bradenton Herald

William Shearon was named mayor of Bradenton Beach once again after he drew an ace of clubs in an unusual tie-breaker that marked Manatee County history.

Mayor Jack Clarke, who sat across from Shearon in the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections office, drew a 10 of clubs. The tense moment on Wednesday came after a machine recount and a manual recount confirmed the 195-195 result from Tuesday night.

Before opening a fresh deck of cards and shuffling them, county Supervisor of Elections Michael Bennett laid out the rules to both men as others looked on from the other side of a wall cut-out. Clarke cut the cards first, and then Bennett reshuffled the cards before Shearon took his turn.

According to Bennett, this was the first time in at least 20 years that an election ended this way in Manatee County.

"First of all, it's significant in Manatee County for people to understand — if nothing else, everybody should understand how important their vote is," Bennett said. "Too many times, people say, 'Well, my vote doesn't matter.' We proved their vote mattered. They did it for themselves."

A little more than half of Bradenton Beach's 758 registered voters cast ballots in the mayoral election.

After winning the tie-breaker, Shearon addressed a crowd of reporters.

"It feels wonderful," the 68-year-old said. "I'm glad that the turmoil is over and the questions are over."

Shearon is a former mayor of Bradenton Beach, who was removed from office and succeeded by Clarke after a recall election on May 19. The special election closed a tumultuous chapter begun in late 2014 when a petition committee to recall Shearon was formed.

Before Tuesday's election, tensions had seeped into the campaigns of both Clarke and Shearon.

In his own campaign letter, Clarke described Shearon's campaign as a "shopping list of half-truths, exaggerations and misrepresentations, inaccuracies and outright lies, personal attacks."

In Shearon's campaign letter, he accused Clarke of stifling open discussion by officials during city commission meetings and stopping a citizens' initiative to enact a city moratorium on construction of oversized rental housing.

"I'm very confident now and a whole burden's been lifted off of my shoulders, as well as Jack's shoulders and as well as the commissioners' shoulders," Shearon said. "This was not an easy thing for any of us and, as Mike Bennett stated, we made history in Manatee County. ... Not a good way to make history, but we did make history."