An ‘interesting visitor’ entered a Florida home. It left with some cat food, video shows

A Central Florida man was in for quite a surprise when he reviewed surveillance footage from his Ring.com camera last week.

In the video Shawn Warley posted to Facebook, you can see a black bear investigating his kitchen while he was upstairs.

told Fox News 13.

The animal surveys the area, sniffing around the table, taking a nibble from something in a bowl, and wandering around the space.

“Had an interesting visitor that forced the sliding glass door open,” the Apopka resident explained on the post about how the animal gained access. “It’s a bit scary for sure to see a bear in our house.

The homeowner goes on to say that what the bear ate in the bowl was cat food.

Despite no damage to the house or to his pet, Warley told Fox News 13 he was unnerved seeing the footage last Thursday after checking the camera.

”“I was shocked,” he told the station. “It was quite spectacular. I’ve already cleaned up all the bear prints because there were bear prints all around here.”

FB commenters weighed in, and agreed it must have been terrifying.

“Time to move to the beach!!!”

“Seeing one in the back yard is one thing. In the kitchen is another.”

One social media user couldn’t resist a “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” joke.

“Since Goldilocks ate all of his food, he was a little hungry.”

Warley responded in the comments section that he is reinforcing the kitchen slider in case the curious intruder returns.