Watch as a SeaWorld dolphin tries to make friends with Chester, the Labrador service dog

They don’t speak the same language, but that didn’t stop them from canoodling.

A rare encounter was captured on video when Chester, a service dog, greeted Hailey, a SeaWorld dolphin.

The video was posted on Instagram account @tropical_service_dog, which has many pictures and videos of the chocolate Labrador’s daily life.

Chester, clad in a straw hat and palm-leaf vest, and his owner met the mother dolphin at SeaWorld last week.

Although there was glass in between them, Hailey still splashed water trying to get Chester’s attention.

In the video, it seemed Chester was a little scared, but warmed up to the splashing dolphin quickly. The dolphin appears to be talking to the dog.

Chester’s owner told the Orlando Sentinel, “He loved every minute of it and I am so glad I caught it.”

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