Florida woman urinates in an ice cream maker. But wait, there’s more, deputies say.

Ice cream is back in the news this week and for all the wrong reasons.

Jung Wypcha, a St. Petersburg woman, is accused of ruining $2,000 worth of ice cream and equipment by sticking her finger in her nose and then into some ice cream, and also peeing in a bowl used for ice cream making, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said.

The incident at LuLu’s Ice Cream in Indian Shores, a beachfront community in Pinellas on the west coast of Florida, comes a month after a viral video showed a young woman opening a tub of Blue Bell ice cream, licking it with a smile and putting it back in the freezer at a Texas Walmart. Not only did police find the ice cream licker, but officers were photographed guarding a freezer of the precious ice cream.

On June 17, Wypcha, 66, is seen using the bathroom with the door wide open five separate times — she didn’t wash her hands, deputies said. Then she goes from the bathroom to the freezer where the organic ice cream is. She puts her hands into the ice cream containers.

Wypcha runs Indian Shores Food Mart next door, which shares a bathroom with the ice cream shop, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

One video shows her picking her nose then sticking her hands in the ice cream. Another shows her opening the freezer door and spitting into the ice cream containers, deputies said.

The next day, Wypcha goes into the back room to use the bathroom. After coming out she, notices boxes piled on top of the ice cream freezer. She moves them slightly and tries to open the freezer but can’t. She then leaves the store.

On June 22, she returns and tries to use the back room bathroom, but there is a lock on the door, deputies said. She tries to open it but doesn’t succeed. A locked door didn’t stop Wypcha from peeing, though.

She takes one of LuLu’s ice cream buckets, which are used to churn the store’s homemade ice cream, and pees in it, deputies said. Then, she empties the bucket in a sink marked “Rinse.” This sink is used for washing ice cream utensils and mixing bowls.

She then opens the ice cream freezer, puts her hands inside the freezer and leaves the room. She is also seen opening the freezer and taking off a lid to one of the ice cream containers. What she does with it is hidden from the camera’s view.

LuLu’s closed after these actions.

On the arrest affidavit, police checked off a box indicating that Wypcha does not have mental health issues or was under the influence of alcohol.

Wypcha was arrested Monday and charged with criminal mischief and tampering. She was released from jail the same day on a $55,000 bail.

Records show she has not been arrested before in Pinellas County.

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