‘Too close for comfort!’ Large hammerhead shark spotted feet from Florida beachgoers

Funseekers out for relaxing day on the water in Navarre Beach, east of Pensacola, got an eyeful this week.

Pictures on the Navarre Beach Fire Rescue Facebook page show a sizeable hammerhead shark swimming feet from the shore on Tuesday.

In one picture, a blond woman in a bikini, her back to the camera, looks to her left at the large dorsal fin.

“Approximate 13 foot hammerhead shark swimming just off our beach today!” reads the caption on the post, which received more than 2,400 shares in 24 hours.

Commenters were quick to respond, some nervously.

“Too close for comfort!” wrote one.

“Oh goodness, that is why I just walk along the edge.”

“Stay out of the water.”

Ironically, as another commenter pointed out, some scenes from “Jaws II” were shot at Navarre Beach.

Others sagely weighed in on the fact that humans were in sharks’ territory and not vice-versa.

“It’s their habitat. They come up to the beach looking for fish, not humans. Just be observant.”

“Are we surprised to see sharks in the water? After all that is where the Good Lord put them to live. Helloooo.”

“We are simply guests in his home.”

Fellow beachgoer Sammy Furlong got video of the big guy. He estimated the shark to be from 12 to 15 feet long. “He had his lunch on the beach,” Furlong wrote, along with a six-minute-plus video of the action amid the blood-filled waves.

“It was a big fish he ate,” he wrote. “Not sure what kind, but the fish was silver.”

Though there was a lot of fuss over this scary looking beast, according to National Geographic, hammerheads, though “consummate predators,” do not pose a major threat to swimmers.

“Most hammerhead species are fairly small and are considered harmless to humans,” reads the website. “However, the great hammerhead’s enormous size and fierceness make it potentially dangerous, though few attacks have been recorded.”

A Bradenton woman said she was on a boat just a few hundred feet off the northern coast of Anna Maria Island, Florida when she spotted a hammerhead shark in the waters over Memorial Day weekend.