This underage driver giggled when a cop pulled her over. Luckily, she had connections

When a 10-month-old was pulled over in Central Florida for driving on the wrong side of the road, her face lit up when she saw the officer was her daddy.

As 10-month-old Talynn’s father, Alex Kipp, walks up to her stroller car, he asks for her “license, registration and proof of insurance.”

Having forgotten those at home, Talynn tries to charm the Orlando police officer with a giggle.

To that her dad tells her, “This is no laughing matter.”

Kipp let Talynn off with a warning and then let her go.

Talynn’s mother, Chelle Elizabeth, recorded the adorable interaction and posted it to Facebook Saturday. It’s been reacted to over a hundred times and seen by thousands.

Chelle told the Herald that Talynn’s dad coming was spontaneous.

“Her dad is a central Florida officer and he had just gotten home when he caught his 10-month-old driving underage,” she said.