‘This coyote is messing with your mind!’ Video shows unwanted visitor at Florida home

A Florida woman was tired of feeling like a prisoner inside her own home, thanks to a pesky coyote.

In a Saturday post, Melanie Wolf Alkema, of Venice, wrote on Facebook about her plight.

“We have a coyote who visits our property every night,” begins Alkema’s post. “I admit I feel trapped inside my house from dusk to dawn.”

The Venice resident goes on to explain that last month she bought several wireless outdoor security cameras to track the unwanted visitor’s whereabouts.

“This evening, I placed a camera on the ground near the path of the coyote to see which direction he is entering our property from. I certainly did not expect THIS response.”

The video illustrates why her response was, um, unexpected.

The grainy black and white clip shows the animal, its giant snout in plain view, sniffing at the camera. Suddenly, it turns around, then raises its leg and urinates, drenching the camera lens and marking its territory.

“This has all the makings to go viral!” writes one of her friends.

“That coyote is messing with your mind!”

“He sure told you!” added yet another.

When asked about the coyote’s status, the homeowner explains in the comments section that she is attempting to get the Venice Wildlife Center to help wrangle the thing.

“This guy and I are not friends,” she told the Miami Herald. “But I can’t find anyone to help catch him yet.”

Coyotes are in the wolf family and have been known to attack humans and pets. Most recently, a coyote killed a dog inside a family home in Colorado.