She broke into his house when he was away — then greeted him with pliers, FL cops say

A Central Florida man got quite a surprise when he returned home from a trip.

According to a police report from the Leesburg Police Department, the victim encountered a woman he’d never been seen before. She was hiding in the corner of his dining room with a pair of pliers in her hand.

The man told authorities last Friday that when he approached the woman, later identified as Jill Duell, she “raised the pliers over head to strike him.” The victim managed to pry the tool from Duell, who was wearing no shirt, and call police.

As an officer arrived, he encountered the suspect on the stairs, according to the report. She managed to run away from him and down the street as the cop jumped in his patrol car to catch up with her.

When she was eventually detained, Duell was holding a shirt, which reportedly belonged to the victim’s sister.

The homeowner later told officers that things were out of place at his house, and that furniture had been rearranged and all of his clothing and items from his dresser were thrown across the floor.

“It appeared the defendant was looking for something,” read the report.

The 22-year-old alleged squatter, who initially misidentified herself to police as “Jill D. Outhouse,” was arrested on a charge of burglary in an unoccupied dwelling, using a false name to a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and simple assault.

Captain Joe Iozzi, of the Leesburg Police Department, told WEST-TV that Duell was fortunate she wasn’t harmed.

“There’s many armed citizens out there and you know, if I came home and found someone I didn’t know in my house, they could likely have a lot worse outcome.”

The Grand Island resident was taken without incident to the Lake County Jail on $8,000 bail.

The victim was granted a restraining order against Duell.