A Florida landlord told his renter he took too many showers. Then things got dirty

Deputies from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office responded to a disturbance call between two roommates at a home in New Port Richey.

When they arrived, an elderly man told deputies that his roommate, who is also his tenant, attacked him over a bathing issue.

The fight wasn’t over hygiene.

According to the police report, suspect Byron Christianoudis told the roommate he was going to take a shower.

The roommate told him not to do that “because he took too many showers.”

Things escalated from there, and according to the report, Christianoudis put the victim in a headlock and scratched his face, leaving lacerations.

The 48-year-old renter admitted to putting his landlord in a headlock, but did so because he felt “threatened,” he told authorities.

The landlord’s name was not released by police.

Christianoudis was charged Tuesday with battery on a person over 65 and taken to the Land O Lakes jail on $5,000 bond.