‘They put people in a good mood’: Family of ducks live at this Florida car dealership

This Florida car dealership does more sell you a new set of wheels.

At Sutherlin Nissan Orlando, you can also get to hang out with a flock of ducks while you shop.

Managing partner Ulrich Stanley “U.S.” Marine, has been active in the family’s care.

On the Florida man’s Facebook page, he posted a video of them waddling confidently into the showroom and then eating out of his hand.

“Our baby ducks are not babies anymore, but we absolutely love them!!” read the caption, adding, “It’s an all day event cleaning up after them though.”

Marine told the Miami Herald that the mother built a nest right outside their window about two months ago. When her eggs hatched, Sutherlin workers began feeding the little guys.

“At first the mother was really protective of the babies,’ Marine said of the 15 adorable ducklings. “Now they come in at least 15 times a day, and she doesn’t mind at all.”

The ducks do their bathing out back in a giant tub.

Have the fuzzballs helped sales?

“I’d have to say yes,” Marine said. “We let kids feed them and they put people in a good mood.”