‘Never a dull moment.’ Watch an alligator move itself into a Florida parking space.

Getty Images/Miami Herald file

Another day, another alligator sighting.

Remember, we chose to live where they live — and mate.

On Monday, Florida man Laitham Haddad posted a video to Facebook that elicited his friends’ concern.

It was of an alligator hanging out in a parking lot, pretty close to said cameraman.

Though the reptile didn’t seem aggressive, Haddad chose to keep his distance and stay inside his vehicle, a golf cart.

In the clip that runs about two minutes, the gator starts out in a one-way lane, facing the opposite direction of the white arrow.

Suddenly, as if sensing it is going the wrong way, the gator pivots and begins to walk toward a space, then parks itself in a spot. It even manages to stay within the white lines.

“Never a dull moment,” read the post’s caption. “Large alligator in a Sanibel Island parking lot, and me nestled safely behind the wheel of a golf cart.”

Haddad shared his scary encounter with local TV station WPTV.

Many Facebook commenters couldn’t help but see humor in the situation, while others were concerned.

“His tail looks prehistoric.”

“Minding his own business!”

“He could take you down, you know.”

“Cool, but that’s why I like Nebraska. Ain’t nothin’ biting me but a dog. Lol.”