His girlfriend was sleeping. So he used a cheeseburger to wake her up, Florida cops say

A Florida man used an unusual weapon to attack his live-in girlfriend.

According to Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Kyle Jamison Jones was arrested last Saturday night after the woman called police telling them that he woke her up by slapping her in the face with a cheeseburger.

According to the arrest affidavit, officers responded to a domestic disturbance call at a home in Jensen Beach.

In a sworn statement, the woman told deputies that after Jones abruptly woke her up, the 30-year-old man then pulled her by the hair and kicked her down the stairs.

The report says that there were no physical injuries to substantiate the woman’s story, but deputies were able to “identify several remnants of said cheeseburger on her person.”

Jones later admitted that there was an “altercation” at the house, and was subsequently arrested on a domestic battery charge.

He was taken to Martin County Jail.

A court date has been set for May 30.

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