A Florida man walks into a pawnshop with his baby. Apparently, this joke isn’t funny

A Florida man might not want to take Snapchat video suggestions from his nephew anymore.

According to Sarasota police, Brian Slocum walked into a pawnshop on Tuesday evening. He had his infant son in a carrier when he approached the clerk.

The 43-year-old single dad then put the carrier on the counter, spun it around, and asked what he could get for the baby.

“This is what I got. I know [there’s] no one under 18 in here, but he’s barely used, 7-1/2 months old, what do you think he’s worth?” Slocum is heard on a video that was posted on his Snapchat.

He didn’t get an offer. The Sarasota Police Department got a phone call instead from the clerk.

“The pawn shop clerk did take the comments made by Mr. Slocum very serious and we appreciate him immediately notifying [us],” the department said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

The police “utilized vast resources from several divisions to locate the child and identify Slocum,” detectives said.

Slocum reached out to police, too, when he saw his video all over social media — not just on his Snapchat account.

He told police the visit and request of the clerk at A&F Pawn Jewelry and Loan was a prank. He said his nephew had suggested he post “silly videos” on Snapchat, but this one went seriously wrong.

“I was thinking I’d go in there and the guy would be, like, ‘Oh, if it was my son, I’d give you 10 grand or something,’ ” he said on a WFLA News Channel 8 broadcast.

Now, Slocum wants his followers to know he’s sorry for using his son, Caden, in this video.

It was a prank. It was a skit. And a lot of these young people don’t realize that doing things like this has a consequence,” he told WFLA.

“Detectives verified the child was safe and contacted the Florida Department of Children and Families Services as part of this investigation. At this time, there are no criminal charges for this investigation,” Sarasota police said.

About 100 people commented on the police department’s post and expressed outrage. “DCF should be involved in this,” read one comment Thursday.

“Don’t worry, they are,” Sarasota police responded.

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