Florida photographer manages to catch an alligator — mid-meal — consuming a snake

A Florida nature photographer was in the right place at the right time.

On Facebook, Linda Waring of BirdWalk Photography, posted a snap of an alligator opening its immense jaws to snack on a snake while she was visiting Circle B Bar Reserve on Saturday.

In Bartow, off the shores of Lake Hancock, the Polk County park is known for frequent gator sightings.

The snake in the beast’s jaws was still alive, and did not appear as if it wanted to be consumed.

“Spotted this big guy working on his lunch and his lunch trying to escape!” wrote Waring in the caption. “I just started clicking.”

The snake, which appears to be a banded water snake, did not manage to slither free.

“The snake gave its all, but the gator prevailed!” wrote Waring. “I did capture the whole series, but decided not to post the ending shot.”

The majority of commenters on her post were impressed that the shutterbug managed to capture the dining process in such exquisite detail.

“How’s that for ‘right time right place,’ ” wrote one fan.

“Magazine worthy,” said another.

“Wow! That’s a keeper.”

“Definitely lucky timing!” Waring acknowledged.

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