‘Do not mess with the Easter Bunny!’ Watch a giant rabbit join in Orlando street fight

A person dressed up as the Easter Bunny stepped into a street fight in Orlando Sunday night, and it was all caught on video.

An Instagram user with the handle @workfth posted video of the chaotic scene on Orange Avenue in downtown in front of the Sak Comedy Lab.

The clip starts with two people on the street fighting on the ground and then the bunny steps in and starts repeatedly punching a man with gray hair who was attacking a woman in all black.

“Kick his a-s!” chants a man in the crowd. “Kick his a-s!”

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“Go, Easter Bunny, go!” yells another.

“Get on it!”

“HAPPY EASTER ONLY IN #ORLANDO tag @worldstar,” Workfth wrote on his since deleted post, referring to the popular viral video site.

A bike cop suddenly appears and helps break up the brawl while the Bunny shadowboxes off to the side. A man wearing a shirt from the Underground Public House bar chest bumps the furry hero as if they knew each other.

The Orlando Police Department told the Miami Herald that the officer on scene broke up the incident and dispersed the parties involved. “No arrests or reports were completed.”

The Instagram user is a party promoter, reports Orlando Weekly, and told the outlet the fight started when the man intentionally bumped into a woman.

Some commenters saw the comedy in the chaos.

“Florida Man — beat up by Easter Bunny,” posted one.

“It’s all fun and games until someone unleashes the cottontail of fury.”

“Do not mess with the Easter Bunny!”

The Easter Bunny was spotted cruising down Route 37 in New Jersey on a motorbike recently. Footage tweeted by Stephen Rumbolo on April 14 shows the costume-clad motorcyclist speeding along, with a basket of eggs secured to the back of the vehicle.