‘Still want to move to Florida?’ Watch a giant alligator stroll through a busy intersection

A large alligator was caught taking an afternoon stroll in Fort Myers, Florida, on Friday.

In traffic.

A motorist named Chelsea Brinson caught the big guy walking along a busy highway as if it didn’t have a care in the world. Cars whiz by in the busy intersection of McGregor Boulevard and the gator doesn’t react in the least.

A truck is pulled over with its hazards on in the middle of the road, the driver possibly wanting to witness this unusual sight.

The video follows the big guy as it steps up on the pavement toward a sign that reads McGregor Park.

“I got to it just as it was getting on the sidewalk,” Brinson told the Miami Herald.

She captioned the video, “Hey there buddy.”

One of the commenters on the post joked, “Still want to move to Florida?”