Florida man has a close encounter with a mako shark — and he has the video to prove it

Mako shark
Mako shark

Two Florida men got quite an eyeful while out fishing Tuesday morning.

Destin resident Scott Burke, posted video on his Facebook page of a too-close-for-comfort encounter with a mako shark.

His caption explains what went down: Burke and and his friend Dylan Sims were on the beach fishing when they spotted something large and moving extremely quickly out in the waves.

At first the two assumed it was a dolphin feeding, read the caption, but soon realized it was a large shark. They watched it “breach out of the water, jawing onto a big tarpon.”

The two jumped on their paddle boards to investigate.

Burke’s cellphone video, taken from the limited safety of his tiny watercraft, shows the mako, at least 8 to 9 feet long, swimming just mere feet from him.

“Scotty, don’t get too close!” screams Sims.

“Holy s---!” yells Burke in the clip.

“Oh my God!” yells Sims.

Then the cellphone gets shaky, and the video goes dead.

One of the concerned commenters wrote on his page, “OK so is Scotty all right is my question since he dropped the phone. I hope so.”

Scotty was fine enough to post the video afterward. And the phone was obviously salvaged as well.

“I had to put it into my pocket real quick to paddle away after getting a little too close,” he told the Miami Herald.

‘Most social media users were amazed at how close the fishermen got to the big fish.

“Good grief. I’d be heading for shore quick, fast and in a hurry,” posted another commenter.

“Holy smokes! That things lookin’ at you! That’s so epic.”

Another philosopher type added: “I have mixed neuroassociations. On one hand the water is so incredibly beautiful, glad you are there. On the other hand my heart went into my throat and I was thinking holy mother of God man get out of there!”

Passengers on a fishing boat received quite the surprise earlier this month when a massive mako shark jumped aboard and became stuck. The incident happened off the coast of Long Island on July 6, according to Newsflare. Video shows the shark thras