‘Yeah, it was buzzed’: Watch a Florida woman rescue a snake from a beer can

One unlucky snake got lucky last week. And maybe a bit of a buzz.

Florida woman Rosa Fond, who happens to be in the animal rescue business, was driving when she spotted the reptile on the side of the road in Brooksville, north of Tampa, on Thursday.

What caught Fond’s attention: The snake had its head lodged inside a Bud Light can.

Fond, who is president of Humans and Animals United (HAU), jumped out of her truck and turned on her camera to shoot video of the rescue. The Peruvian native then posted the unsettling video of her attempting to extract the snake from its tin prison on Facebook.

“This was the one rescue that I was never, EVER expecting!!” she wrote in the caption. “How on earth did I get the courage to do this I have no IDEA!”

The video shows her poking the can with a stick and then trying to pry off the tab with her bare hands.

Though the snake looked as if it were angry and thrashed about, Fond thinks that it knew it was getting aid.

“She was angry for sure, but she was working with me,” the animal rescuer told the Miami Herald, unaware of its gender. “I felt her energy. I’m like an animal whisperer.”

After roughly three minutes of a fairly intense struggle of yanking and pulling of the can, the snake wriggled free.

“You better thank me for the rest of your life!” yells Fond, out of breath.

So, we had to ask: Was the snake drunk?

“Yeah, it was buzzed,” said Fond of the creature that she thinks was a Southern black racer.

“There was beer left in that can,” she said. “The snake stayed there for a while on the ground, not moving, after I got it out. There were hawks around and normally snakes would slither away quickly. It took her a good 15 minutes to leave the area.”

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