‘It’s so cute!’ Lost gator takes a stroll through a Florida neighborhood full of kids

Alligator seen in Tallahassee neighborhood
Alligator seen in Tallahassee neighborhood Facebook

Home should be your safe place.

Over the weekend, it was anything but for a few Florida folks.

According to a Facebook post from the Tallahassee Police Department, an eight-foot lligator managed to make its way into a residential community and then began to meander. Cellphone video shows the beast walking around the neighborhood like it owned the place.

“SouthWood residents got quite the show Saturday afternoon,” said the post, which added the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sent a local trapper to retrieve it. .

A picture with the FB post shows the gator after it had been restrained. Another shows it surrounded by a bunch of small children, with two uniformed cops nearby. Black tape is wrapped around the reptile’s large jaws and its arms and legs are tied up.

“The kids enjoyed watching from a safe distance,” said the post.

Cellphone video provided to WCTV-TV shows the gator passing by some bushes and then chilling by a garage door.

“It’s so cute!” screams a little girl, just a few feet away from the intruder.

Neighbor Frank Mayernick didn’t think it was so cute.

“It looked like some type of scary, prehistoric creature waddling between driveways and manicured lawns,” he told the Miami Herald of the alligator, which likely came from a nearby lake searching for food. “He honestly looked lost.”

FWC officials relocated the big guy, police added. So it will live to wander another day.

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