New England Patriots owner required to show up for arraignment on solicitation charges

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft will have to show up in Palm Beach County Circuit Court for his arraignment on two counts of misdemeanor solicitation.

That’s in capital letters in the standard Notice of Hearing, which also says that hearing will be at 9 a.m., Mar. 28.

The boiler plate document also warns the defendant to “be prepared to pay court costs and fines assessed by the court at this hearing” and some direction on requesting a public defender, if necessary. Neither will be a concern for Kraft, whose net worth, according to Forbes, measures $6.6 billion.

Jupiter police say Kraft spent a few of those dollars at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, a $79 per hour establishment that was a one of several massage parlors targeted in a human trafficking investigation. Eight parlors over three counties got shuttered in the sweep. Kraft and other men, many affluent, got charged as customers of these establishments on Feb. 25.

Kraft entered not guilty pleas the same day.

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