How can a Little Caesars pizza joint manager embezzle $15,000? Her boss had a theory

Jenay Evans
Jenay Evans Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Watching what appeared to be a $300 theft from 20 miles away turned a Little Caesars Pizza franchise owner into a white collar detective wondering how much else had been stolen, Boynton Beach police say.

The answer he gave police: another $15,663.92.

After viewing surveillance video and spreadsheets that the owner, referred to in the police report as “SB,” gave them, cops arrested Jenay Evans, 25, of West Palm Beach Saturday on charges of organized scheme to defraud under $20,000 and grand theft. SB signed an sworn affidavit claiming Evans stole $15,963.62 over about 10 weeks from his Little Caesars, 119 N. Congress Ave.

Evans posted $6,000 bond less than seven hours after her arrest.

According to the probable cause affidavit, SB was watching surveillance camera video of the store from his home on Nov. 30 when he saw Evans transfer money from the cash register to her purse. The next day, he fired Evans and found the previous night’s theft was $300.

SB decided to start checking out earlier Evans shifts.

Managers could use a “No Sale” thumb print to get into the cash register for refunds or to make change. SB saw Evans’ shifts had more “No Sale” entries than other shifts, an average of 24.7 compared to one or two for other managers.

Also, managers were supposed to do “cash pulls,” a register skim when the drawer got too fat with cash. The manager puts some of the cash in the safe. SB told police Evans did “very few” cash pulls while other managers did five or six.

SB compared the average weekly sales from March 26, 2018 to Sept. 9, 2018 to the average weekly sales from Sept. 10 to Nov. 26. He said the differences in average sales said this Little Caesars lost $1,330.30 per week during the latter period when he thinks Evans was stealing.

He put together a spreadsheet graphically showing what he found and gave police 160 hours of surveillance from Nov. 12 until Nov. 30 (previous video had been overwritten).

Police said the video showed Evans taking money and putting it on her purse, a bank bag “or other form of concealment.”

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