Polar vortex? What polar vortex? In Florida, we are doing just great, thanks

Miami Herald file

Admit it. If you live in Florida right now, you are congratulating yourself.

The two words “polar vortex” send shivers down your spine, right?

The record-challenging cold in the Midwest is caused by a split in the polar vortex, a mass of cold air that normally stays tucked away in the Arctic region.

According to the National Weather Service, Wednesday’s forecast called for a low of minus 21 degrees in Chicago and wind chills around the minus 65 degrees mark in areas of Minnesota. Schools are closed, boiling water turns immediately into an icy vapor, life as many know it has shut down.

The Sunshine State? We don’t know anything about the terrifying expression that has paralyzed much of the nation this week.

Weather in the 50s sends Floridians running for the only jackets in our closet and our UGGs.

So we really shouldn’t complain, especially since things are looking up. Literally.

In Miami, temps inched up to a perfectly reasonable 71 degrees by Wednesday evening.

Not that we’re bragging or reveling in other people’s misery. OK, maybe a little bit. Call it a fancier term: schadenfreude.

Twitter users are posting more beachy pictures than usual, if only for the sole reason they know they’ve made the right life choices by moving to a warm climate. That’s our opinion, at least.

Type in the two hashtags #polarvortex and #florida and prepare to be amused. Or angry.

There are a bunch of pool pictures, beach pictures, palm tree pictures, even garden pictures with flowers blooming. Some cheeky social media user even sent “thoughts and prayers” from Florida.

You get the, well, picture.

Local real estate agents, get ready. If this meteorological phenomenon continues for much longer (and we hear it will hang around until at least Friday) we may get some more residents down this way soon.