This is not your everyday Florida dog park. There’s a bar for humans called Boozehounds

A dog park, complete with a full bar, is opening in Orlando.

No it’s not called Bark, though we like that idea. The place has a cheekier name, Boozehounds, and is reportedly Central Florida’s first “dog bar.”

Artistic renderings on its Instagram page make this park, set to open this summer, looks oh-so enticing, with grassy open spaces, water splash pad, picnic benches and activity equipment for dogs to jump on and climb.

There’s also a 2,000-square-foot, full-service bar with wide screen televisions worthy of a sports bar and 12 beers on tap to star, according to pet lovers website Orlando Pups.

Boozehounds is the braindchild of two University of Central Florida alums, Paul Jaszczenski and Lainie Pekich, who both graduated with a degree in marketing. The dog lovers worked together running a construction business for six years before this venture.

The couple share a German Shepherd and were always looking for cool places to take her.

“When we went to a dog-friendly restaurant or bar, we had to stay outside on the patio where she was leashed up and hot,” Pekich told Orlando Pups. “If we took her to a dog park where she could run and play, we were ultimately hot and bored.’ Lightbulb! Why can’t we have both?”

How it works: You can visit for the day with a $10 day pass or buy an annual membership with unlimited access for $149..

There are age requirements: Humans must be 16 or older; dogs must be over 4 months old. Pets over 8 months must be spayed or neutered, and be up to date date on all shots. You don’t have to have a dog to visit.

The one big rule: Play nice.

“All dogs must be friendly and social around people and other dogs,” reads the website.