Love those Mickey Mouse ice cream bars you get at Disney World? You’re in luck.

They are a special treat enjoyed only at Disney theme parks. Until now.

We’re talking about those adorable ice cream bars shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head and covered in chocolate.

Come February, you’ll no longer have to travel all the way to Orlando and pay your way in to the park to enjoy them. The bars will be sold at most major grocery stores, reports WDW News.

“Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are a popular novelty item for Disney visitors, and many of our customers have asked about them and we’re excited to make this product available for the first time for our customers,” Nicole Krauss, Publix spokeswoman, told the Miami Herald. “They will be available throughout the company in late February, and stores can special order them now.”

The so called True Original ice cream bars, which come in a box of six, are a little smaller than the ones you get at the park, at 3 ounces. The real McCoys are 4 ounces.

The boxed bars are made with lighter (skim milk )ice cream and clock in at 210 calories, vs. the park’s more indulgent ones, which have 330.

Boxes will be priced at $7.49. One individual bar at Disney costs $5.75.

The reason for this limited edition pleasure: to celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday. which fell on Nov. 18, 2018.

Back in 1928 on this day, the first Mickey Mouse short, “Steamboat Willie,” premiered at the Colony Theatre in New York City. It was directed by Walt Disney.

Speaking of birthdays, if you’re thinking of having any Disney themed parties in the near future, we have a feeling these treats would be a welcome addition.