He kept denying his home and the $1.4 million of heroin inside. A jury didn’t buy it

West Palm Beach drug dealer Balmy Joseph made cops and prosecutors worked for his conviction in federal court. He grabbed the hand of “Wasn’t Me” and refused to let go.

When the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office saw Joseph at his apartment’s rental office and found a key to the place on him, he smashed his two cellphones and said he was just visiting.

Joseph’s roommate and supervising dealer Delson Marc pleaded guilty Nov. 5 to various drug and gun charges. He admitted keeping $1.4 million of street value heroin in their apartment, along with fentanyl and ketamine. Marc’s court documents admission also gave up Joseph.

But Joseph, 24, stayed on his “not guilty” plea and took the case to a jury. That jury convicted him Thursday of conspiracy to possess with intent to distributed one kilo or more of heroin, possession with intent to distribute one kilo or more of heroin, possession of fetanyl with intent to distribute, and heroin possession with intent to distribute.

Marc, 31, plead guilty to two counts of controlled substance sales, conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, and unlawful transport of firearms.

Joseph got snagged in the net cops dragged for Marc after a confidential informant told a West Palm Beach detective that there “was a large-scale heroin distributor” who “bragged about importing large amounts of heroin.”

That would be Marc, who was on probation for gun and drug charges from 2015.

That was in January 2018, according to Marc’s federal court admission of facts. By July, Marc had made several sales to an undercover cop and been seen racing in a Cadillac Escalade with Joseph from police. When the pair abandoned the Escalade to take off running, they left a purple Crown Royal bag with heroin capsules packaged for sale.

Cops tracked the Escalade to the Luma Apartment Complex, 7120 Okeechobee Blvd. Leasing personnel looking at a photo of Marc, and four associates pointed to Joseph as someone who lived in Luma, but they knew him as “Wilbert Desir.” Joseph introduced himself as “Wilbert Desir,” signed a one-year lease for apartment No. 5304 as “Wilbert Desir” and referred to himself as “Wilbert.”

An arrest report said this all was a surprise to the actual Wilbert Desir when detectives found him.

Delson Mar_fitted.jpeg
Delson Marc before one of his Florida prison turns Florida Dept. of Corrections

Marc was busted on July 12 with $2,000 cash and seven cellphones. When detectives searched his RV, they found a green plastic shopping bag with a .40 caliber pistol, 18 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition and “dozens of heroin capsules that were packaged for distribution.”

Six days later, cops hit No. 5304 at the Luma with a search warrant. Officers saw Joseph near the rental office.

“As K-9 officers approached Joseph, he broke two cellular phones he had in his possession,” Marc’s admission of facts reads. “He also denied living in the apartment complex and claims to be visiting a friend. Officers located the key to apartment 5304 in Joseph’s pocket.”

In the apartment, cops found 59 grams of heroin in one of Joseph’s jacket pockets, 7.24 kilos of heroin in a freezer, 1.25 kilos of ketamine, 122.31 grams of fentanyl, Marc’s drivers license and $26,700 in cash wrapped tightly.

Joseph, 24, will be sentenced Mar. 21. Marc will be sentenced Tuesday.

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