Toll invoices are coming from SunPass. So are scam toll invoices from ‘Sun Pass’

The SunPass tolling system has been plagued by problems since early June.
The SunPass tolling system has been plagued by problems since early June. Miami Herald file photo

Toll invoices are coming to your snail mail box, the Florida Department of Transportation alerts drivers. No invoices or collection requests are coming via email from a company with “Sun Pass” in its name.

Those are scams.

Apparently, this latest attempt at suckering Floridians has been hitting inboxes enough for the FDOT to issue a warning. As the FDOT describes it, there are several signs these email demands for money are about as real as Jamaican lottery or “IRS” phone calls demanding payment in gift cards:

There’s a link to an invoice from “Sun Pass Collections Inc” or “Sun Pass Collections Inc Linebargar Goggen Blaiir LLP.” None of those companies exist, at least as entities that can do business in Florida, according to Sunbiz.org.

“Please find the attached invoice for past due tolls that have been charged to your Sun Pass account...” In this line from the email and in the above faux corporations, “Sun Pass” is two words. The toll totaling and collection service is “SunPass” — one word.

The emails come from “SunPassNotice@ezpass-collections.net.” First, they’re emails. SunPass doesn’t send invoices by email. Also, the inclusion of “ezpass” clearly targets transplants from the Northeast, where the EZPass system dominates among toll collection systems. EZPass carries no juice in Florida.

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